FCI Sighthounds from Denmark

The Nordic Vikings were born 11.04.2022. There were 7 puppies, 3 girls and 4 boys.

SGG Oluf Oswald

SGG Esben Ejnar

SGG Birk Bjørk

SGG Vidar Vebjørn

SGG Dagfrid Disa

SGG Birla Bjørg

SGG Idun Ildis, she lives with us.

Mating is completed, and we are expecting Irish Wolfhound puppies around 16.th of May 2024.

The parents are Sire Saga`s Gentle Giants Oluf Oswald and Dam Snegizi Star Czolette Kindli Marianne.

They are both hearttested clear, AD X-ray were 0, HD X-ray were A/A (Male) and B/B (Female).

By interest call us at 0045-81292748.

The puppies can leave home in week 29 or 30 2024. The puppies will be shunt tested before they leave our home.